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Mac OS X

MacPAR deLuxe is a great help if you download (or upload) large collections of files. The program can detect errors in the downloaded files, and repair them. It also unpacks rar archives.

Read more about MacPAR deLuxe

iPhone / iPod touch

PentoFill is a challenging game in which it is your task to solve puzzles with several levels of difficulty.

Watch a demo video

Go to the PentoFill program in the App Store

Also visit my polyomino page to learn more about these puzzles

YearViewer shows a one-year calendar, including week numbers.

You can go directly to a year in the past or the future. The months and days of the week show up in your preferred langage.

Go to the YearViewer program in the App Store

iPinSafe is the perfect solution if you want to take your secret passwords and pin codes with you, on your iPhone or iPod touch.

It stores the information in a very secure way, and gives access only to someone who can reproduce the “gesture” defined by you.

Go to the iPinSafe program in the App Store